Malana Lemon Hashplant


Malana Lemon Hashplant F1 was one of my first cross. I lived many yeras in india and imove the best Malana Cream Hash. So i selected the best plants with a terps profile very close to the best cream hash and start to breeding in i.b.l. to get this flavour from all the plants expecially for my personal hash extractions. Unfortounately the plantsb was too big to stay indoor so i was forced to cross with an afghan original de sensiseeds bank de 1993 and going on in incrossing with the shortest phenos, i got what i was looking for after 5 years of breeding. To change the terps flavour we cross the most resinous mother Malana with a Ohio Lemon G male and backross again in outbreeding so the tasty lemon terps are now toghether with the pure taste of Malana Cream Hash. Excelent for any kind of extraction, top Hashplant!